We have various driving course packages to serve as per our clients requirements. The courses include various manual driving lessons, automatic driving lessons as well as some intensive driving lessons. The driving lessons that we serve starts per hour for Blacktown and surrounding areas.

Manual Driving lessons
This course is most popular driving course for the beginners. Away from automated vehicle, learning in a manual vehicle will help a lot to the student to learn about how to operate the gears with the proper coordination of the clutch. After you pass the driving test in the manual car, you will also be qualified to drive the vehicle with the automatic transmission. But if you learn to drive in an automated car, it would be a hard job for you to operate a manual car.
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Automatic Driving Lessons
The students who have known well about the procedure to operate a manual car can get this driving lesson. This course includes an automatic transmission vehicle and our instructors will instruct you further more about how to operate the vehicle. This course has also been popular as most of the vehicles these days are being manufactured with automatic transmission. So if you would like to learn driving in a modern automated vehicle, give us a call to 0451 165 476.
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Intensive Driving Lessons
This is an advanced driving lessons which are provided after you have known the basic manual driving lessons. This course includes various crash courses n which the student is guided thoroughly to overcome such situations when in traffic. The lessons are provided both theoretically as well as practically.
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