Manual Vehicle Lessons

With the auto vehicle lessons, we also serve our learner drivers with various driving lessons in a manually operated vehicle. With the lessons we provide, we ensure that you will have the ability to drive any car of your choice. And we also train you with accordance to your desire and requirements of any specific vehicle. We have been providing the driving lessons in a manual transmission vehicle since the past decade. And many of the learner driver are now operating their vehicle safely. Our professional instructors have the various skills that will surely help you in learning the driving skills with the various other techniques that are required to operate a vehicle. The pricing of the driving lessons that we serve our clients start from $60 per hour for Blacktown and other surrounding areas.

At Sydney Manual Driving School, we aim to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients from the driving skills that we train them. for any kind of driving lessons when required, you can feel free to make us a call and we will get back to you with the training courses as per your requirements.